Male Incontinence Products

male incontinence products. A man in his early fifties standing with a baseball cap and a black jacket is calling someone on the phone.

Men dealing with urinary incontinence cope with feelings of frustration and embarrassment. Shopping for male incontinence products can be equally as frustrating and embarrassing. However, incontinence is a common problem and incontinence products for men are widely available.

In fact, male incontinence products can be purchased online in relative anonymity. If you aren’t the bashful type, most male incontinence products can be picked up in regular pharmacies and grocery stores. There are three main types of incontinence products for men:

  • Pads
  • Briefs
  • Diapers

Here, you will learn more about these male incontinence products, where you will be able to purchase them and the costs associated with incontinence products for men.

Male Incontinence Products: Pads

Incontinent pads for men are a popular way to combat the symptoms of many forms of incontinence. These inexpensive incontinent pads for men will protect clothes and undergarments from involuntary and unexpected urine leakage. Incontinent pads for men are designed to comfortable fit and conform in a regular style of underwear.

Pads and other varieties of this incontinence product for men can be purchased in neighborhood pharmacies and supermarkets. Entire packages of pads generally cost much less than $20.00

Male Incontinence Products: Briefs

Another popular form of male incontinence products is absorbent briefs or boxer shorts. These undergarments largely have the same appearance as regular underwear, but they contain absorbent padding that keeps urine from leaking out on to clothes.

In fact, boxer briefs containing a condom catheter for extra protection can be purchased. Some briefs are even specifically designed to handle incontinence while swimming. Boxers, briefs and other forms of this male incontinence product generally cost as little as $10.00 and no more than $30.00

Male Incontinence Products:Diapers

Perhaps the most commonly advertised form of male incontinence products is adult diapers. Though rarely referred to as such, diapers for men and women dealing with incontinence have been around for decades. Like briefs or boxers, these diapers are constructed so that they will not be detected under regular clothing. These male incontinence products are very inexpensive and can be purchased at local stores everywhere.