Incontinence Supplies

incontinence supplies

If you suffer from incontinence, there are several incontinence supplies to help make the condition much easier to deal with – and far less embarrassing.

On this page, you’ll learn more about what incontinence products are available to help people live a more fulfilling and comfortable life with incontinence. Keep reading to find out what incontinence supplies will work for you.

Incontinence Supplies: Protective Underwear

Protective underwear is designed to help those suffering from incontinence live their loves with a little more confidence. The risk of having an involuntary bowel movement or urination causes plenty of anxiety in those dealing with incontinence. Protective underwear allows sufferers to go out in the world and live their lives without the fear of embarrassment.

Incontinence Supplies: Briefs

Briefs are commonly known as adult diapers and are more heavy-duty than protective underwear. Briefs are a good choice for incontinent supplies for those who suffer from fecal incontinence or heavy and uncontrollable urinary incontinence. Many adults who suffer from advanced cases of incontinence choose to wear briefs when they go out in public to avoid any embarrassment.

Incontinence Products: Pads and Liners

For those who struggle with leakage associated with urinary incontinence, pads and liners are a good option when it comes to shopping for incontinent supplies. Pads and liners are perfect for those who don’t need protective underwear, but want to live life without fear of involuntary leakage in public.

Incontinence Supplies: Underpads

Underpads are great incontinence supplies for use around the house. They are made in several sized for beds as well as other furniture. High quality underpass will be made of absorbent and odor controlling materials to ensure the smell of urine does not linger.

Incontinence Supplies for Men

There are effective incontinence supplies made specifically for men, including:

  • Absorbant Pouch
  • Dignity Boxer Shorts
  • Protective Guards

These effective incontinence supplies are intended to address unique issues face by men who struggle with fecal or urinary incontinence and seek a desecrate treatment. Some of the above mentioned incontinence products are completely invisible under regular clothes.

If you are in the market for incontinent supplies, it’s important to think about which incontinence products will suit your needs. Many suppliers offer variety packs for incontinence supplies, so you can try out several products and determine which one will work best for you.