Incontinence Pads

Urinary incontinence impacts the lives of millions of Americans on a daily basis. Most may not know exactly how to treat the problem. Embarrassment and cost worries also keep some from addressing incontinence at all.

Incontinence pads are a simple, cheap and effective way of treating involuntary urination. Incontinence pads come in dozens of shapes and sizes, and can be purchased in a number of ways. In addition to individual pads, bed pads for incontinence are also widely available.

Here, we will review individual and incontinence bed pads, and examine all the benefits that come with using the various forms of incontinence pads.

Individual Incontinence Pads

Men and women rely on individual incontinence pads to protect themselves from uncontrollable and unexpected urination every day. Individual incontinence pads are placed inside traditional underwear to guard against urine leaks. These pads soak in urine and block any potentially unpleasant odors.

Individual incontinence pads are versatile, cost effective and widely advertised. Most personal pads can be bought at any pharmacy or grocery store. In fact, some corner convenience stores also have them in stock. Packages of washable and reusable incontinence pads are available online for slightly over $100.00.

Incontinence Bed Pads

Incontinence bed pads are designed to protect your mattress from urine leakage while you rest, relax or sleep. Bed pads for incontinence are reusable and are very easy to wash and dry. Incontinence bed pads come in sizes as small as personal squares and as large as full-size beds.

Incontinence pads for mattresses can be purchased individually or by the dozen or dozens. The most inexpensive bed pads for incontinence cost about the same as a cup of coffee, while packages of the most expensive pads will cost over $200.00. Bed pads for incontinence can be purchased at any medical supply store online.