Incontinence Briefs


Incontinence briefs are available for men, women and children who suffer with involuntary and uncontrollable urination problems. Also known as incontinence underwear or incontinence pants, these briefs come in several different styles. Here, you will learn if incontinence briefs may be right for you, how much incontinence underwear costs and where they can be purchased.

Incontinence Briefs: What Are They?

Simply put, incontinence briefs are very similar in design to regular briefs, but they are specifically designed to keep those who wear them dry. Whether it be fear of embarrassment or the panic associated with realizing your clothing is soaked, the absorption panels stitched in to incontinence underwear gives those who wear them added security, confidence and peace of mind.

These briefs make it possible to go about your daily business without needing to purchase additional absorbent pads or adult diapers. Because of their design and usability, most wearers either don’t think about or simply forget the fact they have them on throughout the course of the day. Because they look and feel like regular underwear, they can be worn for any event or occasion. It’s also highly unlikely that anyone will ever be able to tell you’re wearing them.

As mentioned earlier, incontinence briefs are specifically tailored to fit the male or female form. Men’s briefs are strikingly similar to traditional underwear, and they are also often times made of cotton or polyester. Even incontinence pants that resemble boxer shorts are available. For women, briefs or panties are made of cotton or nylon.

Briefs for both men and women are washable, reusable and designed for all-day protection.

Incontinence Briefs: Cost and Availability

Incontinence briefs can be purchased in a number of ways. A single reusable pair for a man or a woman can be purchased for as low as under $10.00. Packages of three can also be purchased for under $20.00. The most extravagant pairs of briefs can be bought in packages that retail for as much as $90.00. Some types of incontinence underwear can be picked up in local drug stores, chain retail stores or supermarkets. Any type of incontinence pants you can possibly imagine can be purchased via online retailers.