Fecal Incontinence Treatment

fecal incontinence treatment. A woman in a sports outfit working with a dumb bell.

Fecal incontinence is a condition that impacts adults of all ages, although it is typically more common in older people. The condition is described as the inability to control bowel movements, which can lead to anal leakage or even a complete expulsion of the bowels.

The condition can be very embarrassing and many people sacrifice their social lives, but it doesn’t have to be that way. talking to your doctor and investing in some fecal incontinence treatment products can help you lead a happier life without the fear of leakage and unwanted bowel movements.

Fecal Incontinence Treatment

Fecal incontinence treatment is available in many forms and the first step is talking to your doctor about the best methods available to you. here are some common fecal incontinence treatments you may become exposed to.

  • Medication
  • Exercise
  • Dieting
  • Bowel Conditioning

When the above-mentioned treatments don’t work, it may be necessary to try surgery as fecal incontinence treatment. Common fecal incontinence treatment of this variety or typically some of the following:

Sphincteroplasty: this is a form of fecal incontinence treatment in which a weakened sphincter is repaired, strengthened and tightened. This surgery can often eliminate the symptoms and help the patient live a fulfilling life free of unwanted bowel movements.

Sphincter replacement: many people who suffer from fecal incontinence don’t know that the entire sphincter can actually be replaced. Thanks to advancements in medical technology, a damaged or faulty sphincter can be surgically removed and replaced with an artificial one. This form of fecal incontinence treatment can provide a permanent cure for the condition.

Colostomy: when either of the above-mentioned surgeries are ineffective, surgeons may recommend a colostomy procedure. With this fecal incontinence treatment, feces is redirected to an opening in the abdomen where a bag is attached. Stool is collected in the bag and emptied periodically.

The best bet for finding effective fecal incontinence treatment is making an appointment with your doctor. Don’t hesitate! Every day you wait is one day further from a better life.