Adult Incontinence

Adult Incontinence. A man in a warm coat sitting on swings.

Adult incontinence is defined by the inability to hold urine in the bladder. Those who experience adult incontinence may have mild to severe symptoms and the condition could be either temporary or persistent.

While incontinence is more common as adults begin to age, it can still strike anyone of any generation.

What Causes Temporary Adult Incontinence?

Temporary adult incontinence may impact someone of any age and could be caused by a number of treatable or preventable factors. In fact, if you are experiencing incontinence symptoms, the solution may be as simple as switching up your diet.

Foods that are high in either sugar or acids (such as tomatoes) have been known to increase bladder irritation and even cause adult incontinence, according to the Mayo Clinic. Caffeine-laden beverages such as coffee, tea and soft drinks can also lead to incontinence in adults.

Persistent adult incontinence is most commonly caused by aging and the eventual weakening of the bladder muscles. Interstitial cystitis is a medical condition that causes painful urination and more frequent urges to urinate.

What Adult Incontinence Products are Available?

  • Protective underwear for adult incontinence
  • Adult absorbent briefs
  • Adult incontinence pads and liners

Protective underwear: Adult incontinence can be much easier to manage for those who experience unwilling leakage and light urination. This underwear is typically invisible under regular clothes and allows those suffering from incontinence to venture out into public without fear of an embarrassing incident.

Briefs: Also known as adult diapers, briefs are a great option for those prone to heavy and uncontrollable bouts of urination. Briefs are built to handle larger volumes of urine for those with extreme cases of adult incontinence.

Pads and liners: pads and liners are perfect for light symptoms that don’t require diapers or protective underwear. They are discrete and comfortable and a great option for those with light or temporary incontinence.

Adult incontinence doesn’t have to be a burden if it is properly treated. Changes in diet, medication or adult incontinence products can help take away the shame, discomfort and embarrassment of living with adult incontinence.